Zona di Protezione Speciale Fiume Sile: Sile Morto e ansa a S. Michele Vecchio

Identity Card
Cod. RN2000: IT3240019
Surface Area: 538,00 ha
Provinces: TV, VE
  • Floating plants (photo by Stefano D'Alterio)
  • Burci cemetery (photo by Gianfranco Speranza)
  • Lower course (photo by Gianfranco Speranza)

Emotions in motion

The area is included in the Continental Biogeographical region; it stretches along a north-east/south-west axis, almost entirely located in the southern portion of the Treviso province, except for a small area in the province of Venice.
One end of the area is by the middle course of the river; it then winds through the lower plain towards the Venice lagoon. Compared to other Natura 2000 sites in the Veneto region, this is not particularly important for the quality and quantity of its habitats, but rather for its geomorphology and landscape structure. Furthermore, its various streams represent a system of habitat corridors par excellence and, specifically, they connect valuable habitats such as flatland springs and lagoon (IT3250031 and IT3250046).
The site constitutes the natural continuation of Natura 2000 IT324001114 and IT3250046 SPAs, and IT3240028, IT3240031 and IT3250031 SCIs.

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