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Brezza di Mare

Brezza di Mare
Brezza di Mare

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Notizie dall'Area Marina Protetta Torre del Cerrano

Brezza di Mare, founded by the AMP Torre del Cerrano in 2010, is a newsletter in the nature-environment-tourism editorial complex with the dual purpose of being a point of study for scientific projects, research, education and environmental management and of information on the many environmental activities, in the tourism, food and wide and recreational fields. The magazine is an essential means of communicating to the community, citizens, institutions, associations, and to the projects implemented by the AMP Torre del Cerrano.
The aims and strategic lines of action that the Authority intends to follow during the year are the pillars of the first issue, for a desire for transparency and sharing of information and priorities. The graphic design is simple and fresh; the colours recall the AMP logo and the contents, accompanied by iconographic material, are disposed in a rational and easy way.
The direction of Brezza di Mare is entrusted to the journalist Annarita Iachini, in collaboration with the Cerrano Guides. The newsletter is published on the Authority website and on Parks' website


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