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Valdarno Chicken

It is a very resistant and strong chicken living in outdoor spaces and very large enclosures. Its skin is yellow, its feathers are white, and both male and female have wattles falling down on their head. It scratches around and lives well near a small wood or undergrowth. It also stands illnesses if it has the necessary space guaranteeing its health. Still today, breeders tend not to vaccinate them. The hen does not produce a lot of eggs - this breed is not appreciated for the eggs, but for the delicacy of its meat. As many others, this product is preserved by the members of the Association "Agricoltori custodi". At the moment, there is an ongoing research activity carried out with the University of Padova to bring back to the farms the pure race and to find the best conditions for its shelter, diet, etc. Also the history of this chicken has a particular charm, since it is one of the few past examples of women's entrepreneurial activity in the agricultural field. At that time, the white chicken was the one and only product which was not given to the landowner: for this reason women could breed it, sell it, or use it to prepare their meals.

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