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Sinis is without a doubt one of the most charming and significant areas of the province of Oristano. It can be "explored" by all hikers: experts, beginners, groups of students. You can decide to carry out the visit during one of the several tours organized by Coop. Penisola del Sinis and by Consorzio Mediterranea which offer particular days both in winter and summer. Or, if you love adventure, we suggest you short itineraries ideal for any season and without difficulties.

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Underwater Itineraries

There are several itineraries to suggest, with surface or much deeper diving, some of which are already well-known.
The seabed includes three well-identified environmental units.
The first one can be found in not very deep areas and is formed by uniform seabed consisting of lithic or organic sands with some isolated granite outcrops.
Posidonia grows on the sand and forms large beds, descending among terraces, granite pinnacles and caves populated by European locust lobsters, lobsters, and brown meagres.
At greater depths, a second environmental unit consists of large basins alternating with blocks of organic concretions in a landscape animated by bio-constructions mainly made of encrusting corals.
Finally, in not very deep areas, we find a particular environmental unit. Granite cliffs, ravines, sand basins, and erosion channels animate the landscape.
The water transparency is considerable. There are algae, while Posidonia grows in the coralligenous sedimentary pouches.

Georef.  ItineraryTypology Interest
Map with diving spotColonne (Columns)Colonne (Columns)Diving Diving
Map with diving spotSecca di LibeccioSecca di LibeccioDiving Diving
Map with diving spotSecca EttoreSecca EttoreDiving Diving
Map with diving spotSecca GeppettoSecca GeppettoDiving Diving
Map with diving spotSteamboat WreckSteamboat WreckDiving Diving
Map with diving spotTunnelTunnelDiving Diving

Cultural-Archaeological Itineraries

Sinis, a land where man settled during the prehistorical period - as it has been witnessed by the archaeological founds - and where many civilizations stopped: Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Spanish.
A territory rich in nature but also in history which should be explored with interest and spirit of research.

Georef.  ItineraryTypology Interest
 Cabras - Argonese Tower of Su Pottu - Cuccuru Is ArriusOn foot On foot
Great interest: Archeology 
San Giovanni Church - TharrosSan Giovanni Church - TharrosOn foot On foot
Great interest: Archeology 
San Salvatore di Sinis - The Hypogeum of San SalvatoreSan Salvatore di Sinis - The Hypogeum of San SalvatoreOn foot On foot
Great interest: Archeology 

Nature Itineraries

The suggested itineraries develop along the edge of an imposing and indented cliff overhanging the sea, which represents a sort of huge panoramic terrace you can walk along. You will see several surprises: the basalt cliffs, the white beaches of shining quartz, the various colors of the rocks shaped by the water and by the wind, the lagoons of the hinterland populated by flamingos make this stretch of land a unique settings.

Georef.  ItineraryTypology Interest
 "Torre del Sevo" - Mezzaluna Beach - Capo San MarcoOn foot On foot
 Cabras - Stagno di CabrasOn foot On foot
Funtana Meiga - Oasi di Seu - Maimoni - Is ArutasFuntana Meiga - Oasi di Seu - Maimoni - Is ArutasOn foot On foot
Mal di Ventre IslandMal di Ventre IslandOn foot On foot
 Mari Ermi - Su TingiosuOn foot On foot
Putzu Idu - Sale Porcus - Mandriola - Su Pallosu - Is ArenasPutzu Idu - Sale Porcus - Mandriola - Su Pallosu - Is ArenasOn foot On foot
San Giovanni di Sinis - San Giovanni Beach - Mare MortoSan Giovanni di Sinis - San Giovanni Beach - Mare MortoOn foot On foot

Wine and Gastronomy Itineraries

A journey leading to the discovery of tastes, aromas, fragrances, in a territory guarding a precious heritage of gastronomical and wine traditions.

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Itineraries by Mountain Bike

The Sinis-Montiferru area is a particularly suitable territory for mountain bike activities, both at a tourist and sport-competitive level. The natural environment in which our itineraries have been prepared, its integrity, its wild aspect, the several historical traces you can find along the routes, transform the excursion not only into a sport activity, but also into a real discovery. The long beaches, the large coastal dirt roads, the long overhanging cliffs, the big lacustrine oasis give the opportunity to carry out long and interesting hikes thanks to the low difference in height along the coast. On the contrary, the nearby mountain massif of Montiferru and Monte Arci with their slopes covered with woods enable the expert and exacting persons to carry out exciting bicycle rides. Once you have chosen your itinerary and settled the bike at your disposal, one of our expert guides will lead you at the discovery of the territory. The coastal itineraries we suggest can be carried out by mountain bike during the outward journey, and by rubber dinghy during the return journey.


  • Mountain bike
  • Land Rover Td5 9 seat with truck equipped for the transport of MTB
Georef.  ItineraryTypology Interest
 The Coast of SinisBy bike By bike
TC - Tourist

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