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Guida alle attività nel Parco per l'estate 2009    

Da Venerdì 30 Ottobre a Domenica 1 Novembre 2009


Nature Trails

Two days and two nights following the wolf tracks: two tours lasting half a day each and one night tour to listen to the wolf howling; didactic activities dedicated to the wolf.
Meeting at 5.00 p.m.
Duration: 3 days.
Difficulty: hike.
Tour developing on various kinds of soil (pastures, detritus, stones). Training required for the length of the route and/or the difference in height. Adequate equipment required.
Booking required.
Initiative on payment.

For information: Park Info Centers in Campo di Giove and Cansano -Tel. 320/8134997.

PN Majella

  • Province: L'Aquila
  • Region: Abruzzi
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