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    Rural architecture in Colloro (PN Val Grande) (photo by Archivio Parco Nazionale Val Grande)

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From Colloro to Capraga: woods, pastures and ancient hamlets
2020 guided walks - Official Guides of the Val Grande National Park
(PN Val Grande)
Premosello-Chiovenda (VB)
Parco Nazionale Val Grande Premosello-Chiovenda28803Italy
26 September 2026 September 20
Rural architecture in ColloroColloro and the hamlets of Capraga
An itinerary to understand peasant life and traditions in the past
(PN Val Grande)
Premosello-Chiovenda (VB)
Parco Nazionale Val GrandePremosello-Chiovenda28803Italy
31 October 2031 October 20
Alpine chamois safari
Two-days alpine hiking safari to observe and discover the biology of the Alpine chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra)
(PN Val Grande)
Cossogno (VB)
Intragna (VB)
Miazzina (VB)
Val PogalloCossogno28801Italy
from 31 October
to 1 November 20

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