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The Italian Federation of Parks and Nature Reserves,
founded in 1989, joins over 160 bodies managing national and regional parks, marine protected areas, regional and state nature reserves, and consists of regional coordination offices. Since June 2008, the Federparchi has also been established as the Italian Section of Europarc Federation.

The Federation represents the reference point in a network of continuously developing relations and, in full independence, represents the Parks in the relations with the State, Regions, local Authorities, the European Union, and with any other public and private subject interested in the aims of the association.

The guidelines of the Federation match the strong political-institutional profile of the Italian Parks. Since its foundation, Federparchi has undertaken the task of the creation of a national system and, for this reason, it has been paying particular attention to integration and coordination policies, from the largest national park to the smallest local reserve, land or sea reserve, in the name of the principle of "fair collaboration" among the various levels of territorial government.

Within the system policies, the Federation has started up all the necessary conservation actions for each great environmental section of our Country: the Alps, the Apennines, the Po Plain, the coasts and the islands. The creation of a national ecological network aiming at placing the protected areas in a territorial context for the safeguard of biodiversity is one of the goals of the Federation, within the framework of actions and planning following, and sometimes anticipating, the international trends regarding the protected areas.

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