The DestiMED project

Mediterranean Ecotourism Destination: main components (joint planning, monitoring, management and promotion) for a governance system in Mediterranean protected areas

Project summary
Federparchi - Europarc Italia has developed an important experience on sustainable tourism, which is a key instrument for the policies of Euro-Mediterranean parks. The European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (ECST) and several projects on the theme of MEET (Mediterranean Experience of Ecotourism) are the background of the DestiMED project on ecotourism in the Mediterranean. Tourism illustrates an important source of revenues and employment in the MED area. At the same time it implicates enormous negative impacts for nature and society. Despite increasing international efforts to create harmonized concepts, agreed definitions and quality standards are missing in the MED area. Due to the lack of coherent planning and monitoring and seriously perceived promotion, ecotourism in the MED does not yet constitute a real alternative.

It is through specific projects such as DestiMED that Federparchi - Europarc Italia intends to develop a governance system for ecotourism in protected areas, e.g. constituted through a destination management organization (DMO). Such DMO could harmonize quality standards and tools to monitor compliance, propose attractive ecotourism offers promoted through a sustainable brand.

To create the pre-conditions for a DMO on ecotourism in the Mediterranean will be deeper into the issues of standards, offers and monitoring tools.
This is where the project DestiMED comes into play aiming to build pre-conditions for a DMO: firstly, it will further develop and test standards, offers and monitoring tools. The work will benefit from the results of the MEET project, which has created and verified innovative approaches to ecotourism planning and marketing, which through DestiMED will be enriched with an ad hoc monitoring tool. The offers and tools developed will subsequently be tested in pilot actions involving local actors as well as the local community. At the same time, the MEET network will be implemented, which will serve as a basis for further strengthening Destimed DMO

Project main outputs

  • Mediterranean Ecotourism Destinations Standards
  • DestiMED Ecotourism products Approach
  • Transferability Plan of Pilot Project results and achievements
  • Guidelines for the establishment of eco-tourism management plans for  Mediterranean Pas
  • Monitoring system to assess the level of sustainability of tourism offer at Park level
  • 13 Local Ecotourism Clusters (local DMOs) in protected areas

Project specific objectives

  • Assess and monitor the sustainability of ecotourism products in Mediterranean protected areas
  • Reinforce capacities and cooperation for sustainable ecotourism product development at local and at regional scale
  • Improve the regional governance of ecotourism in and for Mediterranean Protected Areas

Regione Lazio | Mediterranean Protected Areas Network | WWF Adria - Association for the protection of nature and conservation of biological diversity | WWF Mediterranean | International Union for Conservation of Nature | The Italian Federation of Parks and Nature Reserves | National Agency of Protected Areas in Albania

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