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Short Instructions to Download the Files of the GPS Itineraries

Save the file of the track on the hard disk.
Once you download the file you are interested in on your hard disk (in PCX5 format, with extension .GRM) it is possible to open it or import it in the main programs interfacing with GPS receivers.

Among the most used ones we remind MapSource (often sold in bundle with several GPS navigators), Ozi Explorer (very good program on payment, with a good demo) and GPS Trackmaker (freeware, intuitive and very practical).

MapSource-> file-> import -> PCX5 files
Ozi Explorer-> Garmin-> PCX5 Support -> Get track from GRM file
GPS Trackmaker-> file-> open

Once you open the .GRM file, it will be possible to transfer the track on your navigator, as a track to follow in the field. Afterwards, follow the instructions for use written in the manual of your GPS.

For any other detail or explanation on the use of GPS and of the related PC interface programs, visit the very good web site