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Argenziano Saura, Nature and Walking Guide

Hello everyone,

My name is Saura Argenziano and I am a Nature and Walking Guide in the area of Cinque Terre National Park, and on the Lunigiana side of Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park.
Pleasure and - I dare say - gratitude inspire my idea of hiking. The richness and variety of our nature are peerless, and following a path means giving oneself the (today almost impossible) time to regain contact with oneself and with one’s surroundings. A break before going back to our smartphone-contained lives.

A path has thousand stories to tell, even by simply walking in silence, listening to the wind, the sounds of the wood, its inhabitants. Inhaling its thousand scents of damp soil, flowers, moss. On a sunny day, it feels like celebrating.

The path crosses villages and hamlets: they, too, have stories to tell. Knowing what happened in unassuming places like the ruins of a bridge, or what ancient skills lie behind the preparation of certain foods, is deeply satisfying.

Outdoor experiences are really gratifying, and this is something we need now more than ever.

The hikes I propose always have a bit of all this. Without aiming at great athletic performances, and with the sole purpose of enjoying a pleasurable companionship and a natural environment that only suggests positive thoughts, experiencing something new in the numerous charming spots of Tuscany and Liguria.

For details on the hike you can call me: 3349607060
or write: saura
or visit the website:

I’m waiting for you!
Available for hiking, trekking, boat, experiential tourism
Languages: English, French
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