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Other identified premises are the Veterinary Preventive Medicine Institute of Umbria and Marche, in Tolentino, and the Regional Centre for Civil Protection, in Foligno
(Visso, 02 Nov 16) Monti Sibillini National Park has currently no access to its institutional headquarters, as the offices are located within the Red Zone of Visso, and are not usable at the moment. In the last few days, meetings took place between local authorities and Park managers, in primis...
Protected area: PN Monti Sibillini  |  Fonte: PN Monti Sibillini
24th May 1909 - 24th May 2009: 100 Years of Parks in Europe
(06 Mag 09) The European Day of Parks will be celebrated on 24th May and, as every year, the initiative of the European Federation of Parks repeats itself, to remind the day when in 1909 the first European park was established in Sweden. This date has without a doubt a great symbolic value, and for this reason ...
Protected area: Diverse  |  Fonte: Redazione
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