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Cogne (AO), 27/30 September 2022
(Torino, 02 Feb 22) From 27 to 30 September 2022, the 8th World Conference on Mountain Ungulates (WCMU) will be held in Cogne, as part of the events planned for the Park’s hundredth anniversary, organised by the Grand Paradiso and Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Parks, in collaboration with Foundation Grand Pa...
Protected area: PN Gran Paradiso  |  Fonte: PN Gran Paradiso
(Torino, 10 Mag 11) The Bearded Vulture "Siel" (meaning "sky" in the local dialect of Valle d'Aosta region) was born in Valsavarenche, in the heart of Gran Paradiso National Park. It is the first specimen born in a wild state in the Western Alps since 1913, date of the last killing occurred in Val d...
Protected area: PN Gran Paradiso  |  Fonte: PN Gran Paradiso
In the photo by Davide Glarey one of Siel's parents
(Torino, 03 Feb 11) Last week the Park Keepers of Gran Paradiso National Park have sighted in the Valle d'Aosta section of the protected area a new couple of mating Bearded Vulture specimens. One month ago the new couple of Bearded Vultures - which is different from the couple that has recently nested in Val di Rhmes...
Protected area: PN Gran Paradiso  |  Fonte: PN Gran Paradiso
In the photo by Davide Glarey, one of the Bearded Vultures busy during the renovation of the nest
International Conference - Aosta, 9th December 2010
(03 Dic 10) Salone di Palazzo Regionale in Piazza Deffeyes, 1 - AostaEntry Form (to send back within 7th December 2010)Program of the Conference For information: Regione Autonoma Valle d'Aosta - Assessorato agricoltura e risorse naturali - Servizio aree protette - Fax +39 (0)165 231810 - E-mail: r.marcoz@region...
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24th May 1909 - 24th May 2009: 100 Years of Parks in Europe
(06 Mag 09) The European Day of Parks will be celebrated on 24th May and, as every year, the initiative of the European Federation of Parks repeats itself, to remind the day when in 1909 the first European park was established in Sweden. This date has without a doubt a great symbolic value, and for this reason ...
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