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The 19th European Carabidologists Meeting is organized by the Paneveggio Natural Park and by the Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences of the University of Calabria
(Primiero San Martino di Castrozza, 10 Giu 19) Fifty years after the first Meeting, the next European Carabidologists Meeting, the 19th, will be held from 16 to 20 September 2019 in Italy, in Primiero. The European Carabidologists Meeting is traditionally a meeting point where researchers from all over Europe (and not only) discuss in an inform...
Protected area: PR Paneveggio - Pale San Martino  |  Fonte: PR Paneveggio - Pale San Martino
Sunday 2nd June: ten itineraries to discover nature at Bertone Park
(Mantova, 16 Mag 19) Sunday 2nd June (the initial date of 19th May was postponed due to adverse weather conditions) the 2019 edition of BIOBLITZ will take place at Bertone Park. It is a citizen science event that occurs at the same time in all the Lombardy parks, directed by the Region of Lombardia and the Parks Area. ...
Protected area: PR Mincio  |  Fonte: PR Mincio
(Este, 22 Feb 19) Following the Decree of the Extraordinary Commissioner no. 20/2019, from 22.02.2019 up to 15.06.2019, pursuant to the “Birds” and “Habitat” 79/409/CEE and 92/43/CEE Directives, it is forbidden to climb and descend from above in the area of the east wall of Rocca Pendice. Indi...
Protected area: PR Colli Euganei  |  Fonte: PR Colli Euganei
Peregrine falcon
(Este, 07 Feb 19) On Thursday 31 January 2019, at the headquarters of the Park Authority in Este, the forum of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (ECST) was held, during which, in the presence of the extraordinary Commissioner Stefano Sisto, certificates were given to operators who received the phase II of ...
Protected area: PR Colli Euganei  |  Fonte: PR Colli Euganei
Certificates delivery
Implementation works continue on the project of the Colli Euganei Wine Doc Consortium financed by Gal Patavino
(Este, 05 Dic 18) Development and implementation works on the MoSVit project continue - Model of sustainable and participatory viticulture development in the Euganean Hills, through the definition of territorial application methods. A coordination meeting was held in Agripolis to review the initiative and plan future...
Protected area: PR Colli Euganei  |  Fonte: PR Colli Euganei
Friday 16th November 9.30 a.m. Cinema-Theater of Tolmin
(Treviso, 31 Ott 18) The Life SilIFFe Project deals with the protection of the river Sile, the management of the river to guarantee the ecological functionality, fish restocking and the control of alien fish species.The latter represent a danger for the typical species of our waters due to their extreme adaptability and...
Protected area: PR Fiume Sile  |  Fonte: PR Fiume Sile
Anchoring started yesterday, in the framework of the InterregMed EcoSustain Project
(Mantova, 13 Apr 18) With the EcoSustain project, Mincio Park has started a satellite monitoring action of the water quality using four profiling buoys. Anchoring and installation started yesterday in strategic spots and Natura 2000 sites (Valli del Mincio and Vallazza Nature Reserves and the lakes of Mantua) to analyse...
Protected area: PR Mincio  |  Fonte: PR Mincio
The European Commission has awarded Mincio Park as best practice for the promotion of local economy
(Mantova, 26 Mar 18) In Brussels, the European Commission has selected Mincio Park as winner of the annual prize for the "Best practice in capitalising on local economy", for the Park’s activities in the field of ecotourism and environmental education. The prize was awarded during the annual EDEN meeting (European...
Protected area: PR Mincio  |  Fonte: PR Mincio
Park president Maurizio Pellizzer accepts the award
With the chance to admire the storks building their nests
(Mantova, 20 Mar 18) After the winter break, Bertone Park - Mincio Park’s Visitor Centre - reopens on Sunday 25 March. The summer residence of the counts D’Arco is a typical example of Romantic garden, surrounded by a small wood where local and exotic trees grow, some of which are as old as 150 years of age....
Protected area: PR Mincio  |  Fonte: PR Mincio
The stork reintroduction project carried out with the Bertone Centre is having a significant impact in terms of biodiversity
(Mantova, 16 Feb 18) Storks that were born along the Mincio river since the beginning of Mincio Park’s reintroduction project have reached the number of 272; the chronicle of the movements recorded over the last 20 years in the middle Mincio area is fascinating and rich in interesting anecdotes.Read more (Italian ...
Protected area: PR Mincio  |  Fonte: PR Mincio
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