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    Valle del Tacina (PN Sila) (photo by PN Sila)

Visitor Centers

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Visitor Center Province      
  Acquaformosa Info Point
(PN Pollino)
Acquaformosa (CS)
Sant'Agata d'Esaro Info Point
(PN Pollino)
Sant'Agata d'Esaro (CS)
Morano Calabro Visitor Center
(PN Pollino)
Morano Calabro (CS)
  Orsomarso Visitor Center
(PN Pollino)
Orsomarso (CS)
Santa Domenica Talao Info Point
(PN Pollino)
Santa Domenica Talao (CS)
  Belvedere Marittimo Info Point
(PN Pollino)
Belvedere Marittimo (CS)
  Mormanno Visitor Center
(PN Pollino)
Mormanno (CS)
Cupone Visitor Center
(PN Sila)
Spezzano della Sila (CS)
Visitor Center "Antonio Garcea" in Monaco
(PN Sila)
Taverna (CZ)
Visitor Center - Water and Energy Museum
(PN Sila)
Trepidò (KR)
Stoccato Visitor Center
Thematic area: Park's guest rooms
(PN Aspromonte)
Stoccato (RC)
  Villaggio De Leo
(PN Aspromonte)
Sant'Eufemia d'Aspromonte (RC)
Bova Visitor Center
Thematic area: minority languages
(PN Aspromonte)
Bova (RC)
Gerace Visitor Center
Thematic area: Historic-cultura and archaeological features of the Magna Graecia
(PN Aspromonte)
Gerace (RC)
Mammola Visitor Center
Thematic Area: Industrial Archaeology of the Park connected with the water use
(PN Aspromonte)
Mammola (RC)
Biodiversity Observatory
(PN Aspromonte)
S.Stefano in Aspromonte (RC)
Porta di Accesso di Bagaladi
Thematic area: olive oil story
(PN Aspromonte)
Bagaladi (RC)
  Information point - Serra San Bruno
(PR Serre)
Serra San Bruno (VV)

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