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    Inside - BOSC Naturalist museum (PR Prealpi Giulie) (photo by PR Prealpi Giulie)

Visitor Centers

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Visitor Center Province      
Permanent Exhibit Dedicated to Speleology and Karstic Phenomena in Canin
(PR Prealpi Giulie)
Chiusaforte (UD)
Pian dei Ciclamini Visitor Center and Guest House
(PR Prealpi Giulie)
Lusevera (UD)
Park Visitor Center - Prato di Resia
(PR Prealpi Giulie)
Resia (UD)
Resartico Mine Exhibit
(PR Prealpi Giulie)
Resiutta (UD)
Resiutta's ice-house gallery
where the Dormisch beer was born
(PR Prealpi Giulie)
Resiutta (UD)
BOSC Naturalist Museum
(PR Prealpi Giulie)
Venzone (UD)
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