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(Santo Stefano Aspromonte, 01 Set 20) A strategic structure, dedicated to disclosure and knowledge of the Aspromonte flora, is located at the centre of the Park and will become a point for training and scientific research. Click here to discover more (link in Italian)...
Protected area: PN Aspromonte  |  Fonte: PN Aspromonte
Ribbon-cutting ceremony
Closure and transit instructions
(Vogogna, 28 Ago 20) On behalf of the Park, the restoration and the establishment of the safety measures of the Cicogna-Pogallo path, in the Rio Caslù area, begin on Monday. First of all, the intervention involves all the checks of the slope immediately upstream of the path by two alpine guides, with scaling of t...
Protected area: PN Val Grande  |  Fonte: PN Val Grande
closure for the scaling
(Assergi, 17 Ago 20) The second transnational meeting of the VALOR project "Valorisation of ancient farming techniques in resilient and sustainable agriculture" 612501-EPP-1-2019-1-EN-EPPKA2-KA took place online on 29th and 30th July. The VALOR project, co-funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ programme...
Protected area: PN Gran Sasso  |  Fonte: PN Gran Sasso
(Vogogna, 30 Lug 20) Due to the fall of a rock along the path that connects Cicogna and Pogallo, that took place last week, we inform you that, on August 4th and 5th, the material invading the path will be removed and the slope where the detachment took place will be checked by an Alpine guide, along with the removal of...
Protected area: PN Val Grande  |  Fonte: PN Val Grande
A section of the Cicogna-Pogallo path is closed on August 4th and 5th
The attendance of the Val Grande
(Vogogna, 05 Mag 20) Park visits Due to the continuation of the health emergency, it is recommended to visit the Park keeping a careful and prudent approach, respecting the coronavirus-related national and regional regulations, valid until October 15th. Here are some recommendat...
Protected area: PN Val Grande  |  Fonte: PN Val Grande
Ledro Land Art 2020 - Selection of Works of Art Projects
(Pieve di Ledro, 24 Feb 20) The cultural association Encontrarte, in collaboration with the council of Ledro and the Alpines net of Ledro, start the project research for the insertion of two new works in the inner of the artistic way Ledro Land Art, in Pur, along the path that coast the river Assat bring to Malga Cita. The sel...
Protected area: Rete di Riserve Alpi Ledrensi  |  Fonte: Rete di Riserve Alpi Ledrensi
(Vogogna, 18 Feb 20) We inform you that from Monday 17 February 2020 the Serena Bivouac in Corte di Buè is accessible and usable again by hikers, since the maintenance works on the bivouac cover have been completed. We really thank the Associazione Gruppo Escursionisti Val Grande (Hikers' Group Assoc...
Protected area: PN Val Grande  |  Fonte: PN Val Grande
Photo from the website
(Vogogna, 18 Gen 20) Last December 18th, in Rome, during the inauguration of the new National Technical Committee of the UNESCO Intergovernmental MAB (Man and Biosphere) Programme, the 19 Italian Biosphere Reserves presented their short film, #ProudToShare, lasting one minute, aimed at showing how they are deali...
Protected area: PN Val Grande  |  Fonte: PN Val Grande
Presentation of the MAB Ticino Val Grande Verbano short film
(Vogogna, 17 Gen 20) We inform you that it is forbidden to enter to the Alpe Scaredi bivouac, due to snow. It is not possible to heat with the wood stove and lights do not work as, in winter time, the solar panel is dismantled. Therefore, overnight accommodation is not recommended....
Protected area: PN Val Grande  |  Fonte: PN Val Grande
Stock Photo Tim Shaw
(Vogogna, 14 Gen 20) We inform you that, from Monday 20th January 2020, the Serena Bivouac in Corte di Buè will be no longer accessible by hikers due to extraordinary maintenance works on its structure's roof. We will keep you duly informed about its reopening at the end of the work...
Protected area: PN Val Grande  |  Fonte: PN Val Grande
Photo from the website
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