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    Regina tomato of Torre Canne (PR Duna di Torre Canne - Torre di San Leonardo) (photo by PR Duna di Torre Canne - Torre di San Leonardo)


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Vermentino Wine of Colli di Luni DOCVermentino Wine of Colli di Luni DOC
Features: White wine. Color from pale straw yellow to straw yellow, with golden notes; fruity, rathe... >>
(PR Montemarcello Magra)
Together with the other local products of Cabras, it represents one of the best synthesis between th... >>
(AMP Penisola Sinis)
Wine growing has always been the most important traditional activity of Elba Island, although today ... >>
(PN Arcipelago Toscano)
Local beer produced in Elba Island.... >>
(PN Arcipelago Toscano)
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Slow Food Presidium
Cervia Sea SaltCervia Sea Salt
The origins of Cervia salt pans date back to very ancient times. Somebody links them to the Etruscan... >>
(PR Delta Po ER)
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BIO - Organic Farming
 Cider and Organic Apple Juice

(PR Delta Po Veneto)
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   Napoleone Water Spring
Water spring situated in Elba Island, in loc. Poggio (Marciana). It is bottled and mainly sold to th... >>
(PN Arcipelago Toscano)
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