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    Moon (PN Appennino Tosco-Emiliano)

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Montale under the stars
An unusual nature and literary loop walk: Monterosso - Cappuccini - Buranco
(PN Cinque Terre)
Monterosso al Mare (SP)
MonterossoMonterosso al Mare19016Italy
9 Aug 18 9 Aug 18
MoonWhat a face, the moon!
A tour in the sky to understand our own satellite
(PN Appennino Tosco-Emiliano)
Corniglio (PR)
Rifugio Lagdei, ore 21.00Corniglio43021Italy
23 Aug 1823 Aug 18
 "I Vendemmiati Clivi"
A literary walk centred on cultivation and nature in our land, through one of Cinque Terre's best preserved vineyard-terraced landscapes.
(PN Cinque Terre)
Riomaggiore (SP)
Manarola Volastra CornigliaRiomaggiore19017Italy
8 Sep 18 8 Sep 18

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