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    Assergi Help Desk (SIC Gran Sasso) (photo by SIC Gran Sasso)

Visitor Centers

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Visitor Center Province      
  Carsiana - The Karst Botanical Garden
(ZSC Carso Triestino e Goriziano)
Sgonico (TS)
Help Desk in Macchia da Sole
Waterfalls and Forests District
(SIC Gran Sasso)
Macchia da Sole di Valle Castellana (TE)
Help Desk in Arsita
Sicilian Valley District
(SIC Gran Sasso)
Arsita (TE)
Help Desk in Barisciano
Lands of Baronia District
(SIC Gran Sasso)
Barisciano (AQ)
Help Desk in Assergi
High Summits District
(SIC Gran Sasso)
Assergi (AQ)

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