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(Riomaggiore, 12 Nov 17) Cinque Terre Park press review, Sunday, 12th November...
Protected area: PN Cinque Terre  |  Fonte: PN Cinque Terre
Scientific research and biodiversity, coast erosion and management are the focus of ongoing European projects
(Manarola - Sede-, 09 Nov 17) Coast management, biodiversity, endangered species and marine plastic pollution are the focus of the European projects in which Cinque Terre National Park participates. These projects started a few months ago, and are now getting to the heart of the matter and producing their first results. The Par...
Protected area: PN Cinque Terre  |  Fonte: PN Cinque Terre
(Riomaggiore, 02 Nov 17) Cinque Terre National Park has prepared the Communication Plan (CP) for the MAREGOT Marittimo Interreg Project, of which the Park leads the communication component together with Regione Liguria. The Communication Plan is a fundamental document which ...
Protected area: PN Cinque Terre  |  Fonte: PN Cinque Terre
(Manarola - Sede-, 31 Ott 17) In the framework of a work-study programme, students of the class 5G at the Mazzini Foreign Language High School of La Spezia, led by experts from the Environmental Education Centre of Cinque Terre National Park, have drafted the texts of a guide describing the trails that connect Riomaggiore and Le...
Protected area: PN Cinque Terre  |  Fonte: PN Cinque Terre
Abstract from “La Rivista della Natura”
(Genova , 30 Ott 17) MAREGOT is a project aimed at jointly preventing and managing the risks connected with coastal erosion, in the maritime area where the 2014-2020 Marittimo Italy-France INTERREG transboundary Programme applies. Highly valuable natural features and strong tourism flows characterise this coastal area;...
Protected area: PN Cinque Terre  |  Fonte: PN Cinque Terre
On 25 and 26 October, the Park took part in the meeting of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in protected areas, organised at Gran Sasso-Monti della Laga Park. ECST Phase II: here are the objectives of Cinque Terre Park.
(Manarola - Sede, 27 Ott 17) During the meeting, which took place in Assergi, headquarters of Gran Sasso-Monti della Laga National Park, protected area experts and practitioners focused on the strategies to step from the first to the second phase of the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Italy. This transition phase c...
Protected area: PN Cinque Terre  |  Fonte: PN Cinque Terre
A moment of the meeting
Mincio Park represents Italy in a transnational programme to preserve biodiversity
(Mantova, 10 Ott 17) The new website of the transnational EcoSUSTAIN  Project (Ecological sustainable Governance of Mediterranean protected Areas via improved Scientific, Technical and Managerial Knowledge Base) is now online. It promotes collaboration and exchange of good practices to maintain biodiversity; the pr...
Protected area: PR Mincio  |  Fonte: PR Mincio
New itineraries in the Park
(Tonadico, 25 Set 17) The Park has created seven themed paths that provide deep insight into the territory’s environmental, natural, historical and anthropological features.  Make your visit interactive by downloading them on your mobile, using the AVENZA MAPS app, available for free on Mac and Android app st...
Protected area: PR Paneveggio - Pale San Martino  |  Fonte: PR Paneveggio - Pale San Martino
Hikers in the Park
Countdown has also begun for the International Conference on Global Geoparks, to be held in 2018 in Madonna di Campiglio
(Strembo, 13 Set 17) From 7 to 9 September, President Joseph Masè and geologist Vajolet Masè represented Adamello Brenta UNESCO Global Geopark at the 14th European Geoparks Conference, held at Azores Geopark, Portugal. UNESCO invited Adamello Brenta Park to the conference "GEOPARKS: PATHWAYS OF SUSTAINABL...
Protected area: PR Adamello Brenta  |  Fonte: PR Adamello Brenta
(Mantova, 16 Ago 17) Mincio Park reminds all those practicing wels catfishing that the Park has an agreement with a specialised company appointed to remove, within two hours, the carcasses of wels catfish. In order to do that, however, the fish have to be carried onto the ground. If you do, you can call the Park Authori...
Protected area: PR Mincio  |  Fonte: PR Mincio
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