•  (Riserva MAB Delta del Po) (photo by Riserva MAB Delta del Po)

Regional Parks

Unesco World HeritageUnesco Man and BiosphereEuropean Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected AreasDelta del Po Emilia-Romagna53.653 ha

National Nature Reserves

 Sacca di Bellocchio I163 ha
 Sacca di Bellocchio II83 ha
 Sacca di Bellocchio III38 ha
 Salina di Cervia765 ha

MAB Reserves

 Delta del Po139.398 ha

Other Protected Areas

 Ortazzo e Ortazzinon.d.
 Pialassa della Baiona e Risegan.d.
 Punta Albereten.d.
 Valle Bertuzzin.d.
 Valle Campotto e Bassaronen.d.
 Valle di Gorinon.d.
 Valle Santan.d.
 Valli residue di Comacchio13.500 ha

The photo next to the name of the protected area means that you will find information directly updated by the respective Park Authorities.
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