Ostello Matildico Groppo del Vescovo
Via A. Bombardi, 27, 42032, Ramiseto (RE)
Tel: 0522/811948, Fax: 0522/811948 , Mobile: 349/5400140 - 377/140848 - 371/3095337, info@ostellogroppodelvescovo.it
Bed only
Bed and breakfast
Half Board
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Other services
Other services
Schools or Groups
The Operator guarantees that their accommodation is available for: 1) Schools or groups of people. 2) Bus park.
The Operator guarantees that in their accommodation you could find: 1) Safe bike deposit (or bikes in the room). 2) Arrangeable breakfast time. 3) Bike garage or area intended for this scope. 4) Guides and maps of the itineraries. 5) Laundry.
The Operator guarantees that in their accommodation you could find: 1) Projector and room for projections. 2) Arrangeable breakfast time. 3) Camouflage hunting tent. 4) Guides and maps of the itineraries. 5) Laundry.
The Operator guarantees that their accommodation: 1) Does not use coal or diesel as fuels. 2) The faucets have flow reducers to limit water consumption. 3) The light bulbs are energy saving. 4) Has been built without defacing the territory and is not the result of property speculation. 5) The surroundings of the building aren't polluted and don't present any risk to the guests' health and safety.
For everybody
The Operator guarantees that their structure is barrier-free, with: 1) Parking lots with parking spaces near the entrance, and wider than normal, reserved for people with reduced mobility. 2) Wide and regular external path, with possible ramps at least 90 cm wide and maximum slope of 5%. 3) Entrance with door at least 90 cm wide. 4) Spacious reception, without carpets or rugs that make the passage difficult. 5) Wide corridors, or with maneuvering areas for people in wheelchairs. 6) Regular and homogeneous stairs, with comfortable handrails at a height of about 1 meter. 7) Elevators with cabin at least 140 cm deep and 110 cm wide, with a side-sliding door of at least 80 cm. 8) Rooms located on the ground floor or in the immediate vicinity of an elevator, with an access door at least 80 cm wide. 9) Large bathrooms, with sliding door or opening door to the outside, open shower or equipped with a shower box with an opening greater than 70 cm.
We speak French
We speak English
We speak Spanish
We speak German
People with disabilities
We accept animals
We do not accept animals
Free Bike
Tennis court
Bike deposit
Bike Rental
Car park
Indoor swimming-pool
Electric car charge point
Free Wi-Fi
The Hostel
The Matildico "Groppo del Vescovo" hostel, located between two streams and surrounded by nature, is only 100 meters from the centre of Ramiseto and therefore near all the services of a town, even if completely isolated.
The Municipality of Ramiseto is at the bottom of the Ventasso and Alpe di Succiso mountains, in the Reggio Apennines and its panoramas spread in the most attractive and exciting valleys of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park.

GPS coordinates 44° 24' 38'' N - 10° 16' 23'' E

The hostel, inaugurated in the summer of 2008, allows you to stay in the mountains, surrounded by nature and hosts 36 people. It is structured on one floor where it is possible to find eight studios (prepared for 2/6 beds) with entrance from the central corridor and from the courtyard and potential equipped kitchen.
The Itineraries
Monte Ventasso: the itinerary starts on the Provincial Road no. 63, near the bridge over the Rio Ricco’ (Road Inspector’s House), a short distance from the town of Busana. Features: an easy path follows (tourist); difference in height: 600 m. (1,500-900 m. a.s.l.); length: 4,200 m.; travel time (without stops): 120 min.
Weather forecast
Weather Ventasso
Weather T min T max Wind Prob. of Precipitation
Tuesday 21 Partly cloudy 6 14 ENE 12 km/h
Wednesday 22 Sunny 3 16 N 6 km/h
Thursday 23 Sunny 3 17 WSW 7 km/h
Friday 24 Sunny 6 19 WSW 9 km/h
Saturday 25 Sunny 5 20 SW 7 km/h
Sunday 26 Sunny 10 21 SW 12 km/h
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