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Three Protected Areas on the Piedmont Slope of Verbano

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The Park Authority manages three protected areas: Parco naturale dei Lagoni di Mercurago, 470 hectares situated in a hilly morainic area characterized by mixed forests, pastures and meadows, and marshes of botanical and archaeological interest; Riserva Naturale speciale di Fondotoce, 360 hectares including the most important cane-brake on the piemontese shore of Lago Maggiore and strips of riparian vegetation; Riserva Naturale Speciale dei Canneti di Dormelletto, 157 hectares, cane-brake areas situated on the south-western shore of the Lago Maggiore, which are particularly important for the fauna; Riserva naturale del Bosco Solivo, about 340 hectares in the Municipality of Borgo Ticino, around the small mountain of Motto Solivo.

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