The Visitor Center of Collina Torinese Park

c/o Superga rack tramway station - Strada della Funicolare, 55
10132 Torino (TO)

Municipality: Torino Region: Piemonte

Collina Torinese Park has entrusted the management of the Visitor Center to the Co-operative Arnica. Situated at the arrival station of the Sassi-Superga rack tramway, it welcomes tourists and groups visiting the protected area and the Basilica.
Moreover, the structure plans and organizes educational activities for schools, social aggregation activities, and activities aiming at promoting the local culture.
Thanks to particular scene design techniques, the visit route has been studied in order to involve the public and promote the gradual discovery of the features of the hilly territory. It offers:

  • "A volo d'uccello sulla collina di Torino"
    A scale model of the area situated between the Municipalities of San Mauro, Pecetto, Baldissero, and Turin representing the hilly territory from an unusual perspective, with its historical and naturalistic features, the trails, and the Superga tramway.
  • "Un fossile per ogni epoca"
    Interactive stand where the visitors, skimming through an easy manual, can recognize the fossils and discover in which age they lived. They will also be able to reconstruct a soil profile by correctly placing some "little boards" representing the various strata containing the fossils that have been recognized.
  • "Il bosco dei sensi"
    In this hall the forest environment has been reconstructed with its sounds and perfumes, so that visitors can explore it by using the senses.
    From binocular-shaped fissures where they may sight animals, to barks and tracks they can touch, to the bird singing and the perfumes of particular essences.
  • "L'uomo, le vigne e i sentieri della collina"
    Thematic panels dealing with the different human and naturalistic aspects of the protected area.
  • Didactic Lab
    At the disposal of the students visiting the Center there are didactic collections, a lab equipped with a stereoscopic microscope with videocamera, video-projector, and multimedia position.
    Also the visitor can consult the library, the naturalistic collections, and look at the documentary "Il Bosco sopra la città: scopriamo il Parco della Collina di Superga", further videos on the Parks in Piedmont, and at the video for children "La Rana, il Riccio e l'Arca di Noè".
  • "Orizzonti-amoci!"
    Panoramic point over the Alps, the plain, and the town of Turin, situated in the terrace of the Visitor Center, consisting of a large panoramic photographic panel (indicating the most interesting points of the urban, hilly, and alpine landscape), some binoculars, and a telescope.
  • "Sotto sotto… cosa si nasconde?"
    Naturalistic diorama in the waiting room of the Station. It represents a rotting trunk and some organisms living in the concealed and unknown world of the detritus; a series of small columns with lit showcases give the opportunity to observe the most interesting and curious organisms; in the explanatory panel, the network linking these subjects to the forest environment is described.
  • "Visioni a Superga", multimedia point in the waiting room of the Station, aiming at inviting the public to visit the Center and the protected area, and at providing information, also tourist information, regarding the Province of Torino and the GTT services.
  • "Il Bosco fantastico e L'Antro della masca", art works by Elena Radovix, to get surrounded by the mysterious atmosphere of the woodland, to rediscover ancient tales and traditions of the territory, to imagine new fairy tales.

Opening times: From the 28th of March to October 2013: on weekdays from 10.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. (closed on Tuesday), Saturdays, Sundays and holidays open from 9.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m.
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