Potato Salami

Potato Salami
Potato Salami
Potato Salami
Potato Salami
Potato Salami
Potato Salami
Potato Salami
Preparation of Canavesano potato salami
Potato Salami
Potato Salami hung to dry
PAT - Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs

It is a sausage based on boiled potatoes and pork meat. In some areas of Biella, some blood is added in order to obtain a pink-colored product. Sometimes it is also called "salampatata".

  • Processing Method: Potatoes are boiled. The product is seasonal (October-March) because new potatoes are not suitable to prepare it; moreover, the product is very delicate and doesn't like warmth. Meat scraps are minced together with potatoes and aromas.
    Once ready, the product must be consumed fresh within 5-6 days, or dry within 15 days. Each salami weights about 1 hectogram.

  • Production Area: The product is characteristic of the whole Canavese area, from Dora Baltea to Stura di Lanzo and some areas of Biellese.

  • Legislative Protection: Potato salami is classified among the "Traditional Agri-foodstuffs of Regione Piemonte", according to art. 8 of the Legislative Decree 30th April 1998, n. 173 and the Annex to the Decisions of the Regional Council 15th April 2002 n. 46-5823.
The Producers
  Salumeria Avondoglio
Others - Andrate (TO)
  Industria Carni Pasquettaz
Others - Carema (TO)
  Macelleria Moro Antonio
Butcher's Shops - Carema (TO)
  Bagnod Roberto
Others - Piverone (TO)
  Macelleria Iachi Bonvin Giovanni
Butcher's Shops - Quincinetto (TO)
  Macelleria Monetta Pier Domenico
Butcher's Shops - Quincinetto (TO)
  Salumificio Sabolo
Others - Salerano Canavese (TO)
  Alimentari La Fattoria di Barsi Sandrina
Others - Settimo Vittone (TO)
  Macelleria Racchio Domenico e Roberto
Butcher's Shops - Tavagnasco (TO)
  Cascina dell'Allaas di Bagnod Maria Grazia
Others - Bollengo (TO)
  Salumificio Nadia s.n.c. di Moriondo Pietro & C.
Others - Arè (TO)
  F.lli Actis Dato Lorenzo e Bruno
Others - Caluso (TO)
  Macelleria Salumeria
Butcher's Shops - Caluso (TO)
  La Duja D'Or snc di Scagnolari e Nobile
Others - Ivrea (TO)
  Macelleria F.lli Giordano
Butcher's Shops - Ivrea (TO)
  Azienda Agricola Valle Orco
Agricultural Holdings - Montanaro (TO)
  Viber S.r.l.
Others - Montanaro (TO)
  Perotti s.n.c. di Perotti Claudio Pietro & C.
Others - Vische (TO)
  Salumificio Avenatti & C. s.n.c.
Others - Feletto (TO)
  Macelleria Pezzetti Ornella
Butcher's Shops - Locana (TO)
  Tarro Genta Giuseppe
Butcher's Shops - Locana (TO)
  Macelleria Giovannini Giovanni
Butcher's Shops - Noasca (TO)
  M.A.B. Carni S.r.l.
Butcher's Shops - Ozegna (TO)
  Macelleria Rolle Bartolomeo
Butcher's Shops - Rivara (TO)
  Macelleria Silotto Giovanni
Butcher's Shops - Rivara (TO)
  Macelleria Venezia
Butcher's Shops - Ronco Canavese (TO)
  Boetto Luigi
Others - Sparone (TO)
  Azienda agricola Il Gallo
Agricultural Holdings - Castellamonte (TO)
  Macelleria Lea Bruno
Butcher's Shops - Castellamonte (TO)
  Macelleria Rossebastiano Gianni
Butcher's Shops - Castellamonte (TO)
  Macelleria Valchiusella
Butcher's Shops - Castellamonte (TO)
  Macelleria Basolo Paolo
Butcher's Shops - Cuorgnè (TO)
  Macelleria Giandrone Franco
Butcher's Shops - Cuorgnè (TO)
  Macelleria Quaglio Gianni
Butcher's Shops - Cuorgnè (TO)
  Macelleria Sirianni Veronica
Butcher's Shops - Cuorgnè (TO)
  Macelleria Toffi Valeriano
Butcher's Shops - Cuorgnè (TO)
  Laboratorio Carni e Salumi Boetto Giovanni
Others - Pont-Canavese (TO)
  Macelleria Edile Bruno
Butcher's Shops - Pont-Canavese (TO)
  Macelleria Pezzetti Romano
Butcher's Shops - Pont-Canavese (TO)
  Macelleria Solive Elvino
Butcher's Shops - Pont-Canavese (TO)
  Sandretto Renzo
Others - Pont-Canavese (TO)
  Macelleria Bertinetto Ivo
Butcher's Shops - Rivarolo Canavese (TO)
  Salumeria Gastronomia Battuello Antonio
Others - Rivarolo Canavese (TO)
  Macelleria Pregnolato Carlo
Butcher's Shops - Valperga (TO)
  Azienda Agricola San Rocco di Imocrante Giampiero
Agricultural Holdings - Foglizzo (TO)
  Macelleria Bertolino Antonella
Butcher's Shops - Foglizzo (TO)
  Macelleria Zanna Mara
Butcher's Shops - San Giusto Canavese (TO)

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