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The term "caritun" derives from the word "charity", since originally this very simple sweet was given to the poor by churches and confraternities.
In the past, Caritun was a sweetish bread prepared with the remains of the dough used to make bread, without adding butter, with a bit of sugar, and using the available fruits. Today, Caritun is made with butter, a lot of sugar, concord grape, and many grape seeds characterizing the final product and giving it a lively and characteristic color. Caritun is a round and flat focaccia, covered with icing or sugar grains and formed by a base of leavened dough covered by another sheet of dough, joined at the edges. Inside, concord grapes are arranged in a spiral shape. During the cooking, the latter release part of their juice, which unites with the dough. Sometimes concord grape is replaced with quinces. However, according to the traditional recipe, concord grape is the main ingredient of the filling. Since concord grape can be found exclusively in autumn, Caritun is a seasonal product: it is prepared only in autumn and in the early winter.

  • Production Area: Carignano, Castagnole Piemonte, Lombriasco, Osasio, Piobesi, Virle, Vinovo and adjacent towns, as well as the area of Roero.
  • Legislative Protection: At the moment, Caritun has no legislative protection, but its inclusion in "Paniere dei Prodotti Agroalimentari Tipici della Provincia di Torino" has been demanded.
    Caritun has received a "" (municipal designation) by the Municipalities of Piobesi Torinese and Castagnole Piemonte.

Bibliography if you want to know more: Castagno Paolo, "La dolce tavola di Carignano: gli zest e il cariton - tutela e riscoperta di due dolci tipici locali", Carignano, 2008 (for copies, write an e-mail to

The Producers
  Panetteria Il Forno
Bakeries - Osasio (TO)
  Panetteria Tuninetti Valter
Bakeries - Piobesi Torinese (TO)
  Pasticceria Lovo
Confectioner's Shops - Piobesi Torinese (TO)
  F.lli Carena (S.N.C.)
Bakeries - Carignano (TO)
  Fornaio Pasticcere di Annone Antonio
Bakeries - Carignano (TO)
  Rodondi Luigi Panificio
Bakeries - Carignano (TO)
  Tortore Ferrero S.N.C. di Tortore Giulia e Ferrero Giuseppina
Others - Carignano (TO)
  Panetteria Nota Alessandro & C. S.N.C.
Bakeries - Castagnole Piemonte (TO)

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