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Corn-flour Pastries

Corn-flour Pastries
Corn-flour pastries
Corn-flour Pastries
Corn-flour pastries
Corn-flour Pastries
Corn-flour pastries
PAT - Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs

Corn-flour pastries (called in this area "paste di meliga") are characteristic pastries of many areas of western Piemonte, whose main ingredient is corn flour. They weight about 10-12 grams, have a brown color, a crunchy and granular consistency, a sweet and buttery taste, and a shape varying according to the local tradition.
In the area of Barge, corn-flour pastries are called "Batiaje". The name derives from the fact that these pastries were offered in the past to the guests at the christening party. As a matter of fact, "Fè batiè" means in the local dialect "celebrating the new-born baby".

  • Production Area: Corn-flour pastries are widespread, with small variations, in the western part of Piemonte, above all in the valleys of Cuneo, but also in Canavese and Biellese areas. For their traditional features and their great organoleptic qualities, the corn-flour pastries of Pamparato (CN), also called "Biscuits of Pamparato" are worth a mention.
  • Legislative Protection: Corn-flour pastries are classified among the "Traditional Agri-foodstuffs of Regione Piemonte", according to art. 8 of the Legislative Decree 30th April 1998, n. 173 and the Annex to the Decisions of the Regional Council 15th April 2002 n. 46-5823.
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