Along Corno Chiaro, near Baraccone Nature Reserve

Hiking itinerary

On foot         Great Interest: Flora Great Interest: Wildlife Great Interest: Bird Watching Great Interest: Geology Great Interest: Photography 
  • Departure: Verolengo
  • Duration: 1.5 hours by bike, 3 hours on foot
  • Length: 10 km

The short itinerary gives the opportunity to reach a naturalistic area of great value, offering beautiful views over the banks of the river Po where, above all in winter, it is possible to observe several species of ducks, and the landscapes of Rio Corno Chiaro.

From the bridge on the river Po in Verolengo, between Chivasso and Crescentino, head northwards for the SP road and, after a few hundred meters, turn right on the dirt road leading among the fields. The road turns left and shortly after right, keeping on the left a small lake and shortly leading to a recreational area at the shadow of the trees, where it is possible to stop for a picnic. Continue your tour within the recreational area and take then an excerise course, now abandoned, with Rio Corno Chiaro on the left and the fields on the right. Gradually head right and reach the banks of the river Po, exactly in front of Baraccone Nature Reserve. Cautiously getting closer, it is possible to carry out interesting observations of the birds populating the river environment, characterized here by beautiful gravelly shores and riparian woods. Following the dirt road on the left, you will deviate again from the river Po to reach a ford on Rio Corno Chiaro, where it becomes broader and forms a very charming environment. This watercourse is partly fed by Canale Cavour and partly by a reemerging spring. Long 15 kilometers, it forms along its course 3 oxbows, one of which near the ford. You can go ahead for a short stretch on the right, without crossing the ford, until you will get closer to the waters of the river Po. Shortly after, the road becomes surrounded by vegetation and the route becomes demanding (about 4 km).
Go back to the recreational area along the same itinerary, then follow the road on the right, cross Rio Corno Chiaro, and you will find another dirt road. Take it on the left and, after a few hundred meters, you will reach the SP road. Follow it turning left until you will return to the departure point, the bridge on the river Po (about 6 km).
(Text by Stefano Camanni)

The itinerary develops on asphalt and dirt roads, in some stretches in bad conditions. For the itinerary on foot, it is recommended to reach the recreational area by car.

Walk along the shore of river Po in Verrua Savoia
Walk along the shore of river Po in Verrua Savoia
Tour to Isolotto del Ritano in Saluggia
Tour to Isolotto del Ritano in Saluggia
The big oxbow of Corno Chiaro in Verolengo
The big oxbow of Corno Chiaro in Verolengo

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