Parco Regionale Abbazia di Monteveglio


Didactic Projects for the School Year 2019/2020

Soft reliefs with vineyards and cherry trees, rugged ravines, beautiful snowdrops and orchids, woods and springs. And on the top of the hill, the castle and the millennial abbey...
The several environments characterizing the Parco dell'Abbazia di Monteveglio make this protected area a privileged ground for environmental education. The great vital force of such a rich and complex project is to foster a direct relationship with the territory and to support a spontaneous approach based on our senses. This method allows to start from experience and to then propose hypothesis, to look for partial answers and verify them, to experience the scientific method of analysis and research.

Guided visits
The Park proposes to the schools of any grade guided visits lasting half day or full day. A guided visit can effectively complete the didactic programs, or it can simply meet the need of amusement, of adventure, it can foster both socialization and sharing. The didactic laboratory - equipped with microscopes, finds collection, terrarium and other scientific tools - represents an extraordinary opportunity to carry out experiments, analyses and simulations useful to focus on the field researches and to understand the surrounding reality and the relationships connecting its elements.

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Didactic modules
The didactic modules allow to improve one's knowledge of the protected area and to tackle some of the main environmental themes in a consistent and thorough way. Structured in several meetings, they can be included in the didactic program of the school classes, representing an interesting educational opportunity for the schools situated in this territory. They provide meetings with the teachers and several outings (field outings, in the school's garden or in other green areas). The goal is to bring schools close to nature and to the territory, in order to make children better understand the reality we live in, emphasizing the theme of biodiversity, between nature and history, looking at the past and future of our planet.

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