Spressa of Giudicarie

In the past, butter was considered to be the most precious dairy product, and it was often sold to earn some money. With the milk remaining after the skimming, the cheese for the family consumption was produced: as a consequence, tha latter was an extremely low-fat cheese. This is how Spressa of Giudicarie, one of the most ancient cheese of the alpine chain, was born.
Today, even if only a part of the milk used to produce is skimmed, Spressa remains an ideal low-fat cheese preserving the intense taste of a mountain cheese; its quality is guaranteed by the PDO label.
A cheese-making tradition that has been preserved over the centuries and has been enriched with current knowledge and techniques and the homemade production process combine with the use of milk coming from cows eating hay, grass, and healthy fodder, reflecting in the clear cheese flakes all the richness of the mountain pastures.

Low-fat table cheese, it acquires an original taste if eaten together with honey.

Spressa of Giudicarie
Spressa of Giudicarie
The Producers
Typology: Cheese Factories
Locality: Giustino (TN)
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