Photo by Luca Nave
Photo by Luca Nave

On Foot

Walking along the Park trails will give you the opportunity to live an extraordinary adventure surrounded by nature.

CAI - SAT Trails

Many Park trails are in the register of Club Alpino Italiano and Società degli Alpinisti Tridentini (CAI-SAT).
Each trail you find in the register of Club Alpino Italiano and Società degli Alpinisti Tridentini (CAI-SAT), has its own identification number made of three figures, the first one indicating the "Zone", the other two indicating a certain trail.

The Zones regarding the Park territory are (Italian text):

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Nature Trails and Special Trails

Nature trails are trails the Park has dedicated to the understanding of the natural environment and local cultural features.
Along them, the visitor will find exhibit elements stimulating observation and suggesting keys to interpret the surrounding environment: from mere descriptive panels to interactive elements, from educational games to artistic creations. Nature trails may be dedicated to a particular thematic aspect - a naturalistic or historical-cultural aspect - or may aim at describing in detail the features of the territory across which they develop.

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Dolomiti di Brenta TREK

Dolomiti di Brenta Trek is a trail leading the Park visitors in a fascinating trekking around Dolomiti di Brenta, across the most charming valleys and landscapes of Adamello Brenta Park. 

Further information (Italian text)

Georef.  ItineraryTypology Interest
Tovel Lake TrailTovel Lake Trail
Departure: Tuenno, Lago di Tovel
On foot Accessible TrailOn foot

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