PAT - Traditional Agri-Foodstuffs

The great richness of the territory in natural environments and flowers gives the opportunity to produce extraordinary honeys. The main ones:

  • Mountain mixed flower honey: there are several varieties characterized by the vegetation visited by the bees during the harvesting. The honey expresses the biodiversity of the forests and mountain meadows visited by bees. Where chestnut trees, lime trees, and acacia grow, an aromatic and amber colored honey is produced.

  • Mixed alpine flower honey: produced in the alpine meadows and grazing lands, where chestnut trees do not grow, it is a delicate and sweet honey, whose taste is influenced by the presence of the rhododendron

  • Rhododendron honey: produced only in the mountains, it is a transparent honey with a delicate and fruity taste. It is the most difficult honey to obtain because of the short harvesting season and the cold climate

  • Chestnut honey: with a dark and strong taste, bitter and tannic, it is produced in the area of the chestnut forests.
The Producers
  Associazione Produttori Apistici di Vallecamonica
Others - Gorzone (BS)

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