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Adamello Park covers an area of 51,000 ha. About 10% of the area consists of lands used for more or less intense agricultural purposes.
The traditional alpine agricultural system which had characterized Adamello Park until the industrialization age allowed the gradual cultivation of lands often steep and difficult to work, as well as the development of an agriculture able to produce everything necessary for the survival of the families. Many pieces of this system have been gradually replaced by a new agricultural model characterized by market-oriented products. However, the area has preserved ancient features that have undergone the necessary modernization.

Farm animals
Farm animals
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It is a very particular and rare goat's milk cheese, produced with raw milk of Bionda dell'Adamello goat, a threatened but protected autochthonous breed. Historically linked to Val Saviore, a charming lateral valley of the Park, it is now produced...
Category: Cheese
Short and Medium Maturation Cow's Milk Cheese and Formaggelle
Characterized by a sweet and delicate taste, influenced by the taste of the milk and the short maturation, they are produced in several agricultural holdings and in the main local cooperative cheese factory, CISSVA. Among them, we would like to mention...
Category: Cheese
Its name derives from the dialect term for the rural building, often in the summer grazing lands, used for cheese maturation. The cheese is made with semi-skimmed raw cow's milk. Two varieties are sold: Silter, with a maturation period lasting over...
Category: Cheese
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