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Popular or scientific publications on various aspects of the protected area, but also several multimedia items (on different supports), as well as clothes, accessories, and personalized gadgets.

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itConosciamo l'Adda
Fishing, fish species, and issues related to it
Maps and Guidebooks  
GuideitIn Viaggio - Parco Adda Nord
Nature and Man, Environment, Itineraries, Ecomuseum, Visitor Centers
Author/s: Giuseppe Petruzzo
Publisher: Edizioni sviluppo 2000
Maps and Guidebooks  
itLa Fauna del Parco Adda Nord
Guidebook of the fauna, by the Environmental Education Service and Natural Resources Service
Maps and Guidebooks  
itLa Flora del Parco Adda Nord
Guidebook of the flora, by the Environmental Education Service and Natural Resources Service
Maps and Guidebooks  
LibriitAdda fiume dell'umanit√†Books and other Publications  
OpuscoliitEcomuseo Adda di Leonardo
Cultural itinerary between history, art, and science
Publisher: Il Verde Editoriale
Books and other Publications  
LibriitIl medio corso dell'Adda
The river, the valley, and Adda Nord Park
Author/s: Francesca Dolci, Moris Lorenzi, Giuseppe Petruzzo
Publisher: Provincia di Bergamo Servizio Aree Protette - Parco Adda Nord
Books and other Publications  
OpuscoliitIn Volo sulle Foppe
The birds of WWF Wildlife Sanctuaries Le Foppe Redaelli
Books and other Publications  
OpuscoliitLa fauna del Parco
Author/s: Michele Mauri
Books and other Publications  
OpuscoliitLa fauna forestale del parco Adda Nord
Ecological analysis of the relationships between animals and woodland
Author/s: Dott. Nicola Gallinaro
Books and other Publications  
OpuscoliitLa flora del parcoBooks and other Publications  
OpuscoliitLa palude di Brivio
The territory of the Nature Reserve
Author/s: Francesca Panzeri
Publisher: Parco Adda Nord - Regione Lombardia - Ministero dell'Ambiente
Books and other Publications  
LibriitLa Valle dell'Adda
Itineraries in Brianza: environment, culture, and spare time
Author/s: Giuseppe Petruzzo
Publisher: Bellavite Editore in Missaglia
Books and other Publications  
itVisitare l'Adda
Tourist catalog of the Adda Biocultural District
Books and other Publications  
OpuscoliitUn Parco tra storia e natura
Adda, Leonardo's river
Series: Le guide PAN - Parco Adda Nord
Author/s: Giuseppe Petruzzo
Books and other Publications  
VideoitAdda Riviera di Leonardo
Author/s: Giuseppe Petruzzo
Publisher: Parco Adda Nord - Team Italia - Fondazione Cariplo
VHS and Audio Cassettes  

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