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Genuineness lies in their nature

Thanks to the devotion to work, the care for particulars, and ancient customs which are a cause of pride among the people living in this plain crossed by the river Adda, here unique agricultural products are made. Honey, cheese, aromatic herbs, organic vegetables, the characteristic local products of Adda Park  come from the heart, since they reflect the frame of mind of the people dedicating their resources to them; but above all, they are produced by respecting an environmental balance, offering thus the best to consumers. Of course: in a world where the quality of life is one thing with the territory, the products must be of first-class quality. With this quality the characteristic local products of Adda Park reach our table, genuine in their nature.

  • PDF Brochure of the holiday farms and factory stores in Adda Sud Park
  • PDF Leaflet of the holiday farms and the factory stores in Adda Sud Park

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Quality Brands

   Granone Lodigiano
The one and only king of the local cheese varieties is the so-called "granone lodigiano". It belongs... >>
   Mascarpone Cheese
The exact origins of this dairy product are not known. However, its production and consumption date ... >>
Slow Food Presidium
It is without a doubt one of the most characteristic cheese varieties of the area of Lodi. The name ... >>
In the past, when the rounds of Grana cheese - or Granone – had some faults, the part that did... >>
   Cattle Breeding
In the area of Lodi, since the beginning of the last century, an evolution towards "extensive" breed... >>
Autochthonous Breed and Meat
   Pork Meat
Pig breeding, historically linked to the enhancement of the cheese-making by-products, represents to... >>
Autochthonous Breed and Meat
In the territory of Lodi, about 2,000 ha of rice are cultivated mainly around the provincial capital... >>
Rice Pasta and Cereals
   Cold Cuts
Pork products have historically played a leading role in the territory of Lodi, and the excellent qu... >>
Cold Cuts
Let's start from the basis that in the stables of the area of Lodi there are about 50,000 milk c... >>
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