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  • Land Surface Area: 200.00 ha
  • Regions: Veneto
  • Provinces: Verona
  • Municipalities: Verona



Adige Park

For all the citizens who are looking for uncontaminated nature a few steps from the town...

On 28th February 2005, the Municipal Council established Parco dell'Adige as "a protected area of local interest", on a municipal and state estate of almost 2 million square meters.
The establishment of Adige Park is one of the 19 projects scheduled by the strategic plan "Verona 2020". Among the aims of this project there is a joint management of the green areas, as well as the enlargement of the urban parks of the town belt, as established by the new country planning (Piano di assetto del territorio - PAT).
The main aims of Adige Park are the following:

  • preserving the natural environment and landscape;
  • improving the quality of the river banks and waters;
  • promoting the quality of life of the local population and making the town even more suitable for living: citizens and tourists will have the opportunity to use a big green area near the town center;
  • developing the social and economic aspects for the local communities, enhancing agriculture, tourism, and craftsmanship;
  • developing environmental education initiatives to convey the value of the ecological system river-plain.

The area of Adige Park includes the river stretch in the northern and southern sections of the town, which are linked by itineraries running along the river: from the dam of Chievo to the areas of Boschetto, Giarol Grande, and Bosco Buri. Such itinerary will connect the historical town center with the green system of Parco delle Mura.
The northern section of the Park starts in the public area of Saval, stretches along the bend of the river Adige and includes the area of the former American school, Corte Saval, Corte Molon, and Corte Lendinara, covering a total of 439,350 square meters.
The southern section includes over 1 million and 400 thousand square meters and goes from location Boschetto to the municipal agricultural estate of Giarol Grande, including the island of Pestrino, Lazzaretto Sammicheliano, and the Public Park Bernini Buri.
The municipal estate within the Park mainly consists of agricultural lands which can be crossed on foot or by bike.

Photo by Adige ParkPhoto by Adige Park


In spring 2005, 1,500 trees were planted (Common Oak, European Alder, Field Elm) in the area called "Fondo Giarol Grande", situated in the southern section of Adige Park. The choice of the plants reflects the vegetation which characterized the Po Plain in the past, the so-called plain woodland. The aim of the project is to recreate the original natural environment and to recover the ecological corridors that have been by now fragmented by agricultural exploitation and the growing urbanization of the outskirts.
The forestation work was completed at the end of the autumn with 15,500 plants.
The whole area, covering about 400,000 square meters, is interested by the preliminary project of the Environmental Department aimed at enhancing and improving the public use of the Park. In particular, bicycle and pedestrian paths linking the areas of Porto S. Pancrazio and S. Michele, with a footbridge over the stream Pantena, will soon be created.

Photo by Forestation
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