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Ossolano Honey

Ossolano Honey

It is the food product that honeybees produce from the flower nectar or from secretions produced by live parts of plants that they gather, transform, and combine with their own specific substances, store, and let it ripen in the honeycombs of the beehive. The organoleptic properties of honey are extremely variable: it has a wide range of colors, from almost colorless to yellow, dark brown, going through different shades; it can have a very sweet or even a slightly bitter taste, while its perfume changes according to the variety of the flora it comes from; it can have a fluid, dense, or crystallized consistency.

The Producers
  Arturo e Silvana Prina
Agricultural Holdings - Baceno (VB)
  Elvio Arrigoni
Agricultural Holdings - Varzo (VB)

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