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The "Way of Bread of Apuane"

A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between Alpi Apuane Regional Park, the Province of Lucca, the Province of Massa Carrara, Garfagnana Mountain Community, Lunigiana Mountain Community, Media Valle del Serchio Mountain Community, Alta Versilia Mountain Community, Area Lucchese Mountain Community, and Slow Food Condotta della Garfagnana, Alta Versilia e Massa Carrara, for the creation of a way called "Via dei Pani delle Apuane" (the "Way of Bread of Apuane").

Considering that the area of Apuane is characterized by a particular bread biodiversity (bread is different for shape, size, and ingredients), it was important to circumscribe its products in a certain area where it has been possible to create a route connecting various agricultural farmsteads producing the raw material to make bread and baking them into wood-burning ovens, obtaining fragrant loaves of bread with ancient perfumes and tastes.

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Quality Brands

  Agnino BreadAgnino Bread
Features: baked in wood-burning oven, round, each loaf weighs about 800 grams. It has a soft crust w... >>
  Azzano BreadAzzano Bread
Features: white bread cooked in wood-burning oven. Long loaf or traditional loaf. The long loaf weig... >>
  Garfagnana Neccio BreadGarfagnana Neccio Bread
Features: Garfagnana Neccio bread is produced in two shapes, round (semi-sphere) and tapered. Each l... >>
  Garfagnana Ottofile Corn BreadGarfagnana Ottofile Corn Bread
Features: corn bread. Round shape (semi-sphere) with a diameter of about 15 - 18cm. Each loaf weighs... >>
Garfagnana Potato BreadGarfagnana Potato Bread
Features: mainly cooked in wood-burning oven. Round or tapered loaf. Each loaf weighs from 1 to 1.5 ... >>
  Garfagnana Spelt BreadGarfagnana Spelt Bread
Features: spelt bread is produced in long loaves (also called "frusta"), about 30cm long, or in trad... >>
  Marocca of CasolaMarocca of Casola
Features: chestnut flour bread cooked in the wood-burning oven. It has a round shape, with a diamete... >>
Marocco Bread of MontignosoMarocco Bread of Montignoso
Features: mixed bread with corn and wheat flour, with a spicy taste and a pleasant perfume of garlic... >>
  Po BreadPo Bread
Features: bread cooked in wood-burning oven, with a round shape and a weight of about 800 grams. Cru... >>
  Regnano BreadRegnano Bread
Features: potato bread cooked in wood-burning oven. Produced in squeezed loaves. Each loaf weighs 80... >>
  Seravezza Schiacciata Seravezza Schiacciata
Features: focaccia mainly cooked in wood-burning oven. It has a fine perfume of spices and rosemary.... >>
  Signano BreadSignano Bread
Features: semi-wholemeal bread cooked in wood-burning oven. It has a round shape and each loaf weigh... >>
  Upper Versilia Potato BreadUpper Versilia Potato Bread
Features: mainly cooked in wood-burning oven. Round loaf of bread with a diameter of about 30cm and ... >>
Vinca BreadVinca Bread
Features: white or wholemeal bread cooked in wood-burning oven or in electric oven. Produced in roun... >>
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