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Visitor Centers

Already launched in June 2009 with the aim to have a communication channel situated in the Park's territory which could be useful for both tourists and inhabitants (namely it first users), the InfoParco system of the Ligurian Alps Regional Natural Park works as a territory promotion agency for visitors, based on the experiences of the provincial Tourist Information offices, with the specific purpose of acknowledging the requests and needs of the locals as a reference point for a better knowledge of the Park Authority and a deep understanding of the rights and duties applicable with regards to it.
The InfoParco system has 4 welcoming structures situated in the three valleys.

  • Nervia valley:
    Info Parco of Rocchetta Nervina (open in summer)
    Info Parco/IAT of Pigna (open all year round)
  • Argentina Valley:
    Info Parco/IAT di Triora (open in summer)
  • Arroscia Valley:
    Info Parco/IAT di Mendatica (open all year round)

The offices of Mendatica and Pigna guarantee the continuity of the information service in winter, and they also coordinate the planning actions over the territory. In summer they support the other offices open for the season.
In the Park there are several museums open all year round by previous booking in every town that can be visited for free in summer thanks to the commitment of the local governments.

Val Nervia - Panorama
Val Nervia - Panorama
Arroscia Waterfalls - Mendatica
Arroscia Waterfalls - Mendatica
Visitor Center Location        
  "Casa del Pastore" historical-ethnographic Museum

Mendatica (IM)    Traditions
  Alpi Liguri Hostel

Rocchetta Nervina (IM)     
  Brigasca Culture Museum

Realdo (IM)     
  CEA - Environmental Education Center

Pigna (IM)     
  Ethnography and Witchcraft Museum

Triora (IM)    Traditions
  Info Parco Mendatica Valle Arroscia

Mendatica (IM)     
  Info Parco Pigna Val Nervia

Pigna (IM)     
  Info Parco Rocchetta Nervina Val Nervia

Rocchetta Nervina (IM)     
Triora panorama Info Parco Triora Valle Argentina

Triora (IM)     
  Museum "In Herbis Salus"

Cosio d'Arroscia (IM)    Flora
  Museum "La Terra e la Memoria"

Pigna (IM)    Traditions
  Museum "Strade di Pietra"

Cènova (IM)    Traditions
  The Chestnut Museum and the Tame Forest

Montegrosso Pian Latte (IM)    Traditions
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