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Museum "Strade di Pietra"

Via Canada
18026 Cènova (IM)

Municipality: Rezzo Region: Liguria

Tel. 0183/34015 (Comune)

The small village of Cènova, which belongs to the municipality of Rezzo, overlooks the luxuriant Giara Valley, situated among the streams Arroscia, Impero and Argentina: it is totally surrounded by steep terraced slopes with narrow uphill alleys, and for centuries it has been celebrating its union with stone, which was a simple building material and then turned into a basis for real artworks.

The "Strade di Pietra" museum site, extending over 140 square meters, is dedicated to this ancient tradition and to the local stonemasons who during the 15th and the 16th century worked in this area and then all over the Ponente Ligure.

A museum and laboratory at the same time, where the pictures of the stonemasons' workplaces alternate with videos, images, maps, manufactures and instruments allowing to know every aspect of this ancient job. From the mining and the transportation to the processing and the creation of a work, the Cènova headquarters accompanies visitors to discover the cycle of stone up to the final didactic room, where visitors can touch hand points, chisels and compasses.

The Museum is divided into two sections:
- The museum of the engravers in Cènova, with the sections regarding the different stone processing phases
- The outdoor itineraries in the old town centers of the capital (Rezzo) and of the small villages (Cènova and Lavina) that enable visitors to admire the different decorative elements, their use and sometimes their later reuse.
On the old town centers' planimetries you can download from the PDF list, it is possible to find a point marked with a letter and a number, and in correspondence to this point there is a manufacture provided with a description plate.

PDF Brochure of Cènova
PDF Brochure of Lavina
PDF Brochure of Rezzo
PDF Brochure of the Rezzo Museum
PDF Map of Cènova
PDF Map of Lavina
PDF Map of Rezzo

Opening times: Open by previous booking by contacting the Municipality of Rezzo's Offices.

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