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Triora Bread

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The name of Triora is strictly connected to the witches. People believe that in these forests satanic rituals were carried out, this is the reason why during the 16th century some "possessed" women were locked up in prison, tried and even burned at the stake. To explain the spread of such a phenomena, they even referred to the Triora Bread, which was prepared with the so called "horned rye" (rye contaminated with an ergot fungus), which is rich in lysergic acid causing nervous system disorders.
In the course of time the ingredients changed, and the bread became less dangerous, but it is still famous due to its ingredients (whole wheat flour rich in fibers and proteins) and its round and large shape, recognizable for the bran on the bottom.
Today the Triora bread is a traditional product recognized as a Traditional Agricultural and Food Product. It is a homemade mountain bread: it is served on the chestnut leaves that in the past were used to prevent the bread from sticking on the baking tin or on the surface of the oven.
It can be kept for a long time, at least one week, and it is very good served in slices with the bruss, a typical goat ricotta cheese, spread on them.

The bread is prepared with wheat flour, buckwheat flour and bran, then it is left for one night to rise with warm water and salt. The next day more yeast and flour are added to the dough. Then the dough is left to stand for some hours on a bran layer, and laid with a short and large shape. Then the breads are placed on the chestnut leaves not to let them stick in the oven surface and baked in the hot oven. Once the loaves are baked, a squared incision is visible on the crust.
The Triora bread is very good served with a wide range of second courses, and served in slices it is particularly good with spreadable cheeses.
It is still fresh even one week after its production.

Production places: municipality of Triora and bordering villages of the Argentina upper Valley.

The Producers
  Panificio Asplanato Angiolino
Bakeries - Triora (IM)

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