Parco Naturale Regionale delle Alpi Liguri

Organic honey of the Ligurian Alps

The organic honey is extracted and kept cold in the pots: for its production only the areas located far from possible contaminants are chosen, that is far from the urban areas and big communication roads. According to the regulations of the organic beekeeping, the use of antibiotics is not allowed to treat the bees. The hives have to be realized with not toxic and natural materials, even the paint and the wax must have the organic certification.
In the Park the following honeys from certified beekeeping are produced:
Black locust (Robinia). Color: very light. Taste: light, delicate, it reminds of the sweet taste of the ripe fruit. Crystallization: very late, almost absent.
Chestnut (castanea sativa). Color: dark. Taste: strong, persistent, intense. Crystallization: very late, almost absent. Polyfloral. Color: from light walnut to dark walnut, depending on the year. Taste: characteristic and palatable. Crystallization: subtle, regular, compact.
Wood Honeydew. Color: dark. almost black. Taste: less sweet and less nauseating than the honeys from nectar. Crystallization: generally absent.

The location of the organic beehives must guarantee natural sources of nectar, honeydew, pollen and sufficient water for the bees. Moreover, the hives must be far enough, sometimes at least 3 km, from pollution sources (towns, highways, industrial areas, dumps, incineration plants and non-organic intensive cultivations that could be frequented by the bees).
The feeding of the bee families in spring has to include the honey coming from organic beekeeping, and only in winter they can be fed foods such as syrup or sugar molasses coming from organic farming. No veterinary drugs can be used, but only phytotherapic and homeopathic products. It is furthermore allowed the use of natural substances such as the oxalic acid, the formic acid, the lactic acid, and the menthol, the eucalyptol and the thymol as well.

Production places:
Upper Arroscia valley and area near the Mount Saccarello

Organic honey of the Ligurian Alps
Organic honey of the Ligurian Alps
The Producers
Typology: Bee-keeping Activities
Locality: Montegrosso Pian Latte (IM)
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