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Didactic Proposals - School Year 2017/2018

The Alpi Liguri Park organizes and promotes educational activities for children of all ages, with particular attention to school-aged children in order to develop the awareness and the reflection skills on the Park's ecology, biodiversity and conservation as a starting point for a reflection on the themes of environmental sustainability and enhancement of the natural heritage. Furthermore, together with the municipalities hosting the Park, particular attention is paid to the territory's artistic and cultural heritage, and to the long mutual adaptation process between man and environment.

The real goal of the Park's environmental education proposals, is to contribute to the creation and to the strengthening of the environmental awareness for all the citizens, especially the younger ones. The pursuit of a balance between human development and the consumption of the environmental resources is a long-term challenge:  it is therefore important to provide the cultural tools in order to make as many citizens and future citizens as possible understand the importance of the environmental sustainability and the necessity to protect the ecosystems, in order to keep a proper life quality for human beings too. To this end it is also significant the effort to safeguard the cultural and environmental knowledges we inherited from the past.

The tools at the Park's disposal for this purpose are several: the Environmental Education Center offers activities for kindergartens, primary, secondary and high schools. The educational proposals take place both in the Park's territory and within the involved schools, availing themselves of projects created by professional educators in collaboration with teachers.

A bit of history...

The Environmental Education Center of the Alpi Liguri Park was established in the spring of 2009, and it was included - through the Management Decree R.L. n. 2778 of 24th September 2010 - within the Ligurian System of the designated centers, and it constantly commits itself to include the educational structures in the network promoted by the Environmental Education Regional Center ( under the section entitled "sviluppo sostenibile").

The Alpi Liguri Environmental Education Center, which supplies a help-desk service in the institutional offices of the entity (Pigna) and is managed by the Ottagono Social Cooperative of San Lorenzo al Mare (IM), avails itself of the collaboration of a group of young experts in the environmental field having different expertise and working all over the Park's territory (educators, environmental, nature and hiking guides etc…).

The tourist-educational service offered by the center has the following goals:

- the promotion of environmental education activities directed to change the behavior models necessary to pursuit a sustainable development,

- the spread of multidisciplinary themes necessary for a careful and aware use and management of the territory,

- education to "discover" the territory through the implementation of activities aiming at exchanging knowledges and experiences and to promote "learning-by-doing" initiatives,

- knowledge and popularization of biodiversity, with particular reference to the local peculiarities,

- fostering active participation for the development of a critical awareness as far as the environmental issues are concerned.

Purpose of the project entitled "Costruiamo una Liguria verde, sicura e per tutti"

The Alpi Liguri Environmental Education Center - which over the years developed several projects regarding priority themes thanks to the funds supplied by the Region Liguria, by A.r.p.a.l. Crea and by the Environmental Education Center of the Province of Imperia - aims at guaranteeing to be more present in the territory, promoting a series of "Green-School-based" didactic activities which consolidated on the basis of experience and were studied to realize learning ways in the open air, through which the school's educational programs can be completed, using the territory of the protected nature area and of the Park's municipalities as didactic room (Rocchetta Nervina, Pigna, Triora, Rezzo, Mendatica, Montegrosso Pian Latte, Cosio d'Arroscia).

For further information: CEA Parco Alpi Liguri (office of Pigna) – Ph. +39 0184 1928312 -  – Facebook: Cea Parco Alpi Liguri


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