Nostrale d'alpe

It is a raw, whole or semi-skimmed cow's milk cheese with raw and pressed texture, produced only with milk coming from mountain pastures. The cheese is cylinder-shaped with level base and a weight ranging from 3 to 7 Kilos, its lateral surface is 5 to 8 cm high and its diameter is 25 to 35 cm. The rind is smooth and dark straw yellow, the texture is compact, gold-yellow with small and equally spread holes. It has an intense and persistent aroma with light scents of lipolysis and butter, and an intense, properly salty, balanced and never bitter taste. All the Nostrale d'Alpe cheeses have the label and the name of the mountain pasture where cheese has been produced marked on one side. If produced only with Piedmontese cow's milk, cheese can be proud holder of the additional note written over its label saying "di pura razza Piemontese" (Of pure Piedmontese breed). Because of its making techniques, the Nostrale d'Alpeggio can be included in the raw milk cheeses and raw cheeses (neither semi-cooked nor cooked) category, although it is suitable for an average ripening lasting even 6 months or more.
The distinctive feature of this cheese is a further curd cutting which is carried out after a first forming and short pressing allowing cheese whey to further drain. Another typical stage is the shaking of curd after its cutting in order to make cheese curds join together: this stage is called "arciampè" in dialect. The ripening lasts 35 days at least. The Nostrale d'Alpe keeps all the organoleptic features of the milk, aromas and tastes deriving from the pastures included.

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The Producers
Typology: Agricultural Holdings
Locality: Vernante (CN)
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