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Roaschina Sheep
Roaschina Sheep

Alpi Marittime Park is characterized by the presence of Piemontese cow breeders and, during the summer, about 600 Frabosana (or Roaschina) sheep climb to the mountain grazing lands. Here, traditional raw-milk cheese is produced, above all Nostrale, while Tomino of Entracque is mainly produced by two cheese factories collecting the milk from areas outside the Park. Entracque is also the name of a top-quality potato production (a local variety has been re-launched, the so-called Piatlìna), while Cuneo bean is cultivated in about 70 thousand hectares of provincial territory, from Fossanese plain to the mountain valleys and Upper Langa. Among the ancient fruit cultivars there are Martin Sec pears (particularly suitable for cooking) and Buras, Carla, and Contessa apples. Moreover, in the forests adjacent the Park it is possible to pick fine chestnuts.

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Quality Brands

  Mountain Mixed Flowers HoneyMountain Mixed Flowers Honey
Like rhododendron honey, the mountain mixed flowers honey is one of the "mountain" products of the P... >>
  Rhododendron HoneyRhododendron Honey
It is one of the "mountain" products of the Park. With a buttery and pasty consistency, it is charac... >>
   Thyme and Sage Honey
With an amber color, it is a particular and aromatic honey, with an intense and pungent taste.... >>
Cuneo BeanCuneo Bean
Cuneo bean is a borlotti bean with a red variegated pod; it has medium-size kidney-shaped seeds with... >>
Vegetables and Legumes
  Entracque PotatoEntracque Potato
Thanks to the valley bottom's favorable weather and land conditions, the potato cultivation is o... >>
Vegetables and Legumes
  Entracque BreadEntracque Bread
It is a rustic malt bread, also known as water bread, with a crunchy crust and a soft and fragrant b... >>
  Rye breadRye bread
Rye bread is dark gray-brown and it is sometimes called "dark bread". It is a tasty bread with a rem... >>
  The TroutThe Trout
The brown trout and the marble trout represent two major species of the wildlife characterizing the ... >>
Slow Food Presidium
Piemontese Cattle BreedPiemontese Cattle Breed
The Piemontese Cattle Breed, locally called "la bianca" (for its white coat), is a Slowfood Presidiu... >>
Autochthonous Breed and Meat
  Roaschina or Frabosana SheepRoaschina or Frabosana Sheep
It is a medium-size sheep, rustic and frugal, with a characteristic snub-nosed profile and flattened... >>
Autochthonous Breed and Meat
Slow Food Presidium
Sambucana SheepSambucana Sheep
It is a medium-large sheep, with a large and muscular back, and thin, strong, and not very long limb... >>
Autochthonous Breed and Meat
After many experimentations on the rye cultivation steered to the straw production to reconstruct th... >>
Rice Pasta and Cereals
Caiet, a cooked charcuterie made with pork, is still produced by a small cured meat products' sh... >>
Cold Cuts
  Brunalpina BeerBrunalpina Beer
Rye beer produced with grains from the Valle Gesso Alberto Canavese's art and the rye from Valle... >>
Further Products
  Pagarina BeerPagarina Beer
It is a seasonal beer: light ale, slightly amber-colored, 4.5 alcohol content, sold in 33cl bottles.... >>
Further Products

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