Garda Tremosine
Garda Tremosine

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The traditional cuisine of Alto Garda is characterized by the combination of characteristic features of both the Mediterranean and alpine tradition, thanks to the particular climate and conformation of the territory giving birth to unique food resources it is necessary to discover and reassess in order to sensitize people to issues like the improvement of the life quality, which also depends on a genuine and tasty diet like that of our ancestors.

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Quality Brands

The citrus fruits cultivation is turning to organic farming. Therefore, this cultivation will respec... >>
  Cheese in OilCheese in Oil
Product: Semi-fat cheese in extra-virgin olive oil. Production Area: Tremosine Plateau in Alto Garda... >>
Garda Tremosine CheeseGarda Tremosine Cheese
Product: Semi-fat and semi-cooked hard cheese. Production Area: Tremosine Plateau in Alto Garda Bres... >>
Tombea CheeseTombea Cheese
In the territory of Alto Garda Bresciano Park, particularly in Valvestino, a group of breeders from ... >>
Tremosine CheeseTremosine Cheese
Product: Semi-fat cheese with a semi-cooked texture. Production Area: Tremosine Plateau in Alto Gard... >>
  Tremosine Raw Milk CheeseTremosine Raw Milk Cheese
Raw milk cheese is obtained from non-pasteurized cow's raw milk. It has a semi-cooked and medium... >>
Currently, the course for the Quality Label considers the wine-growing production and does not inclu... >>
Thanks to the mild climate, the protection of special greenhouses, special cultivation techniques, a... >>
  Rugiada delle Alpi GrappaRugiada delle Alpi Grappa
Bettanini Distillery was the first distillery boasting its first license from the Austro-Hungarian A... >>
Liquors and Distilled beverages
  Acacia Honey, Mixed Flowers Honey, Chestnut HoneyAcacia Honey, Mixed Flowers Honey, Chestnut Honey
The main sources of nectar and pollen for bees mainly consist of spontaneous flower species, organic... >>
BIO - Organic Farming
Organic Extra-Virgin Olive OilOrganic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil
The oil cultivation is carried out according to the organic farming method, respecting the EEC rules... >>
During the Middle Ages, the whole Lake Garda Western Riviera was an important fishing center and a f... >>
 Garda Truffle
Gourmets and naturalists has known the Garda truffle for centuries. At the end of the 16th century, ... >>
Garda Classico DOC Red WineGarda Classico DOC Red Wine
Wine produced with a traditional wine-making method with Groppello, Barbera, Marzemino, and Sangiov... >>
   Cünsa Polenta
Cünsa Polenta, or Üta Polenta, is one of the characteristic and most tasty dishes of the l... >>
Further Products
   Taragna Polenta
Taragna Polenta is a dish characterizing this area and the alpine valleys of northern Italy in gener... >>
Further Products
   The Spit
The spit is the characteristic dish of the inland of Brescia and is a real object of worship. Its pr... >>
Further Products
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