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Bossico Formaggella

Bossico Formaggella

Historical or traditional information: The transformation of cow's milk has always been a source of richness for the mountain people. This production maintained both the economy and the diet of the local people.

Production area: Municipalities of Bossico, Sovere, and surroundings of Pianico (BG)

Product features: Cheese weighting about 1.5 kg with a semi-cooked texture, produced with whole or partially skimmed cow's milk (surfacing within 12 hours)

Processing, conservation, and maturation methods: Coagulation at 34-35°C in 35-40 minutes, curd breaking, heating from 36 to 41°C, settling for 15 minutes, extraction, draining, maturation, and salting in pickle or dry.

Specific material and tools used: Traditional copper pot, classical materials (thermometer, fork to break the curd…), etc.

Description of the processing, conservation, and maturation premises: In cheese storage rooms (called silter) or in the basement of ancient rural buildings.

Cooking use: With polenta.

The Producers
  Chiarelli Caterina
Agricultural Holdings - Bossico (BG)
  Chiarelli Giovanni
Agricultural Holdings - Bossico (BG)
  Chiarelli Pierluigi
Agricultural Holdings - Bossico (BG)
  Mognetti Giuseppe
Agricultural Holdings - Bossico (BG)
  Mognetti Monica
Cheese Factories - Bossico (BG)
  Sterni Giuseppe
Agricultural Holdings - Bossico (BG)
  Agriturismo Padem - da Rosi
Agricultural Holdings - Fonteno (BG)
Others - Costa Volpino (BG)
  Prodotti Alimentari Agripromo
Others - Bergamo (BG)

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