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Stracchino of Fonteno Hills

Stracchino of Fonteno Hills
Stracchino of Colli di Fonteno

Historical or traditional information: The name of the cheese derives from the fact that it was obtained from the milk of tired (in dialect stracche) cows, recently come down from the summer pastures.

Production area: Municipality of Fonteno and surroundings of Solto Collina and Riva di Solto (BG)

Product features: Cheese weighting about 1.5 kg, produced with fresh and skimmed cow's milk

Processing, conservation, and maturation methods: Coagulation at 32-35°C in 35-40 minutes, curd breaking, heating from 36°C, settling for 10 minutes, extraction, draining, maturation, and salting in pickle or dry.

Specific material and tools used: Traditional copper pot, classical materials (thermometer, fork to break the curd…), etc.

Description of the processing, conservation, and maturation premises: In cheese storage rooms (called silter) or in the basement of ancient rural buildings.

The Producers
  Volpi Giorgio
Agricultural Holdings - Adrara San Rocco (BG)
  Pezzotti Pietro D.
Agricultural Holdings - Sovere (BG)
Others - Costa Volpino (BG)
  Pezzotti Margherita
Agricultural Holdings - Costa Volpino (BG)
  Taccolini Nicola
Agricultural Holdings - Costa Volpino (BG)
  Prodotti Alimentari Agripromo
Others - Bergamo (BG)

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