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Upper Sebino Truffle

Upper Sebino Truffle
Alto Sebino Truffle

Historical or traditional information: The search for truffles is an activity with ancient roots and gave in the past a significant economic support to the local truffle searchers.

Production area: Municipalities of Fonteno, Solto Collina, Riva di Solto, Bossico, Sovere, Pianico, Lovere, Castro, Costa Volpino, and Rogno (BG)

Product features: Black truffle of various size, not very precious (1/10 of Alba white truffle), rather scented.

Processing, conservation, and maturation methods: After the collection, it is possible to eat it within 15 days or put it in the freezer like a normal mushroom.

Cooking use: Everywhere, from pasta to meat.

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