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Local Bakery Products

Local Bakery Products

Tegoline, corn small squares, polentine, spongada dè Solt, checked jam tart, Riva light strudel, lake puffs

Historical or traditional information: mainly sweet products created by the skillful local bakers using flour and raw material deriving from local cultivations, in particular corn flour and homemade butter.

Production area: Municipalities of Fonteno, Solto Collina, Riva di Solto, Bossico, Sovere, Pianico, Lovere, Castro, Costa Volpino, and Rogno (BG)

Product features

  • Tegoline: biscuits based on corn
  • Corn small squares: square corn biscuits
  • Polentine: classical cake
  • Spongada dè Solt: sweet loaf
  • Checked jam tart: tart with homemade jam
  • Riva light strudel: lighter strudel
  • Lake puffs: puff pastry

Processing, conservation, and maturation methods: Different recipes for each product

Specific material and tools used: Classical

Cooking use: Dessert

The Producers
  Panificio Ranzanici
Bakeries - Riva di Solto (BG)
  Panificio Bertoletti
Bakeries - Solto Collina (BG)
  Panificio Rinaldi
Bakeries - Costa Volpino (BG)

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